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In Alimbic Lore , it was stated to have fallen from the sky in a Leviathan and impacted Alinos , carving a large crater upon the planet's surface. Then it rose from the meteor's debris as a gas, before taking on the form of the Alimbics looking upon it, and screaming its name: Gorea. It then set out to destroy the Alimbic Cluster . Eventually, after the Alimbics had tried everything they could to destroy it, they created the Oubliette and used their own souls to bind Gorea to the Seal Sphere, trapping him within it, and imprisoning the sealed Gorea within the Oubliette. It was then sent into another dimension with the Alimbic Cannon , and the keys to reactivating the cannon and revealing the Oubliette, the Octoliths , were hidden upon the Alimbic planets, guarded heavily. Many years later, Gorea was able to telepathically send out the message of 'The secret to ultimate power lies within the Alimbic Cluster' to all the universe's civilisations, causing the arrival of several Bounty Hunters to try and claim the power. Samus Aran is able to collect all the Octoliths and fire the Alimbic Cannon, revealing the Oubliette. She and the other hunters flocked there to search for the 'ultimate power', and accidentally released Gorea, who stole their abilities and almost killed them. Samus arrived late and commenced battle with Gorea. She was not only able to defeat Gorea first form, but by using the Omega Cannon she found she was able to destroy his second form and wipe him out, avenging the Alimbics and saving the Hunters and the universe from Gorea's wrath.